Tuesday, 5 April 2016

6 Hidden Dangers of using a Free WordPress Theme

We all like the term ‘free’, associated with almost anything and everything! Free WordPress themes are not an exception either. But do you know using some free themes for your WordPress site can even risk your site to get hijacked?

Shocking, isn’t it?

You will definitely not want to loose your privacy and security against a few hidden tricks and damage your reputation by including links to some sleazy websites. If you search the term, best Free WordPress theme to start a blog, you will find many gorgeous looking free themes from the search results. But you might not know that many of these free themes have malicious hidden code within the templates that can actually ruin your site.

free wordpress theme

In this article, let us see why you must avoid choosing a WordPress free theme for your blog.

Why you should not use a Free WordPress Theme?

1. Unwanted Footer Links

Most of the free templates contain some encrypted footer backlinks which is totally unnecessary for your site. But as an agreement of using those free WordPress themes, you can not remove them at all. 

These links may not be harmful, but they may lead to some web pages (mostly the affiliate URLs of the developers) that have a low or poor reputation. But you may find your site in a bad neighborhood, if these are not nofollow links, which is not good in the search engine point of view and can affect your search rankings. In case you try to remove those links, you will breach the user agreement and all you will get is a broken theme.

2. Not Optimized for SEO

We all understand the importance of SEO. But chances are rare that you will find a free theme which has inbuilt SEO options and the coding also will be unclear. Theme developers save the advanced features for their premium themes. An SEO compatible theme with clean code gives your website faster loading speed and the needed boost.

3. No Updates with Limited Features

The developers make all the future updates available in their premium versions. So if the theme developer updates the theme for bugs and advanced coding in the future, you won’t be in the list to get any update. This may put your site at risk.

Premium themes have many advanced features which help to boost your website’s performance. So if you are using a basic free theme, it will be tougher for you to beat your competitors in the long run.

4. Lack of Plugin Compatibility

Most of the plugins support an updated theme. As a free theme is rarely updated, it can not give you the flexibility and compatibility to install and use your preferred plugin. So your visitors might have a bad user experience and you will get poor SEO results.

5.  No Theme Options Panel

Many newbie bloggers may not have any technical knowledge. A theme option panel is a starter’s friend which lets you change everything in a click and customize your theme as you may like. But most of the free WordPress themes do not come with a theme options panel.

6. No Customer Support

You will hardly get any support for most of the free themes. So if you are facing any issue while installing the theme or after that, then be ready to solve it by yourself.


After reading all these dangers, you may think that no one should ever use a free WordPress theme. But the fact is, you must remember that they come with many disadvantages, before you consider using them for your WordPress blog. 

There are also many good WordPress free themes which are well coded and are free from those above hitches. These free themes do exactly what they are supposed to do, without any abundance. But many a times, these themes are made a paid theme sometime after launching them as free.

If you are a new blogger and are really on a tight budget, you can start by downloading themes from WordPress theme directory.  But downloading them from other sources may put your site at risk.
 Later on you may upgrade to the pro version once your blog starts moving upwards.

Please feel free to share if you have any experience with a free theme – whether bad or good.

Manidipa Bhaumik
Author Bio: Manidipa Bhaumik is a passionate & dedicated blogger who enjoys to go in-depth of any given topic. She loves to share her knowledge on Blogging, SEO & Affiliate Marketing through her webpage WPBlogging360.com. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and Google+

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

How to Hide your Email Address on Web Pages

If you have a website and you want to use your email address on your website.And scared from spam then this post helps you a lot.In this busy schedule no one want spam emails in his inbox.But now the question is

"How we can hide our emails from spam?"

Today when I have been doing research on one of my project then, I have been found a website http://scr.im, and I have found that this helps us in hide our email from spam.They are providing free service to hide your email from spam.On this website you can change your email into a short URL.And you may share this URL with anyone you want.If any people willing to email you then he/she can go to this URL and reveal your email address, after a simple test that automated scripts and bots cannot pass.

spam email

Many people are using coding for this, but those who don't know so much coding like me then it is a better way to hide your email address on web.And the main thing is,it is free of cost.Go a head and use their services.

What you think about it and If you have another way to hide your email address from spam then please share your reviews in comments.I am waiting.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Google Has Dropped The Google Plus Link From Google Services

Have you notice this big change?

                                                                  I have been noticed this change when I was trying to click on my name on top right in Gmail.I have found that the Plus sign has been removed form front of my name.Then I have make a research for the same and found that Google has dropped the Google plus link from the Gmail.This is also for other services such as YouTube,Docs and Google too.Google has also remove the hyperlink to the Google plus.

Now we can login through grid menu only:

Grid Menu

I think this is an big change and this will effects us in future.On other side Google Plus executive 
Bradley Horowitz says in his interview when some one ask him:

Is Google Plus dead?

“No, Google Plus is not dead,” “In fact, it’s got more signs of life than it’s had in some time.”

What you are think about this and will this effects you,please share your views in comments.

Monday, 1 June 2015

5 Google Chrome Extensions To Rock Your Browser Experience

Everyone wants to do fast work in today's world.I am in SEO field and I am always try to work fast on every project.To achieve this target some things are helps me a lot.These are the extensions that I have been using in my browsers.Today I am sharing some extensions of Chrome browser in my post that I have been using from a long time.I think this will help all my readers too in their work.These are as follows:

pasty1. Google Pasty:   This is the one of the main extension that I have been using from a long time.Pasty is very simple multiple URL opener.This extension helps in open multiple tabs by a single click.You only need to copy URL and after copy when you will click on this extension all URL will open.

2. LastPass: Free Password ManagerLast pass extension is an award wining password manger.This is an another popular extension that I have been using.This extension saves your passwords and gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.You only need to create an free account on it.

seoquake3. SeoQuake Lite: SeoQuake Lite is an extension that is mostly used for SEO work.SeoQuake Lite displays the Google Page Rank and Alexa rank of any web pages in your browser. It also shows no-follow links.I have been using this extension for my research work.

4. Copy All Urls: This is another extension that I have been using from a long time.This extension helps in copy all open URL in your browser by single click.You can copy URL in four formats: Text, HTML, JSON and custom format.This also work same as pasty.You can open multiple URL by this extension also.
Download Copy All Urls

5.Google Chrome Dual ViewThis extension also new for me also.But this is really an amazing extension.This extension enables us to view two different web pages in a single tab.A single tab will break from the middle and you can see two different sites side by side.I have been using this for my research work.

These all extensions are very helpful to me.And I hope this will also help for you also.Please share your reviews on these extensions and also share other extensions that you have been using, in comments.

Saturday, 30 May 2015

Importance of Backlinks In SEO : Quality Backlinks

SEO is a process for rank a website higher in search engines.SEO is essential for all type of websites for better rank.I think SEO is the basic need for a website.SEO process further divided in to two categories that is ON page SEO and OFF Page SEO.In this post I am going you to explain about the Backlinks.Backlinks are comes under Off page technique.I think backlinks are the most important part of our SEO startegies.

What determines your position on search engine results pages (SERPs)? 

"Its not anything you put on the site, but rather how well you convince others to link to you."

I am talking about only quality backlinks not about all links that your site have.Now a question comes in everyone's mind that :

What is quality backlinks?

"A quality backlink is the backlink that is connect to your website using your keywords or a single keyword phrase.And the main thing is it needs to be appear on a website that have similar content topic like yours."


I think quality backlinks helps so much a website to rank fast on search engines.Now I am going to discuss the techniques from where we can get quality backlinks.Some of these are as follows:

1.Article Marketing
2.Press Releases.
3.Guest Blogging.
4.Blog Commenting.
5.Link Exchange.
6.Blog Commenting.
7.Document Sharing.
8.Profile Links (High PR sites)

I am using all these techniques.But I like blog commenting technique so much.And I am going to explain this technique with you step by step:

Firstly we need to make query according to our search term.Suppose we need to find blog comments sites for "web design" keyphrase.Example of query for this search term:

site:.co.in "web design" "Leave A Reply" "url" "[1..1000 comments]"

We can make many queries like this according to our requirement.We need to search this query on Google.com or any Google according to country.From this you can get all posts related to your topic.The another way which one I am using is alltop.com.On this site you can search your topic in search box and you can get latest post related to your topic from all over the world.But keep in mind your comment would related to the post where will you do a comment.What do you think about Backlinks :Are they important or not? Please share your reviews in comments.